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SWS for Original Characters

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Name:Original Character Six Word Stories
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Six Word Stories For Original Characters


• Six words and six words only. Strikeouts counts towards the word limit.
• This is for ORIGINAL CHARACTERS ONLY. No fandom characters. (Fandom OCs are welcome!)
• All posts are to be locked to members only. Unlocked posts will be deleted.
• You, the mun, must be over 18. If this is not made clear on your profile, your request for membership will be denied.
• You must have it stated somewhere on your character's profile that they are an original character and if they're fandom-affiliated or non-fandom, or your request for membership will be denied.
• Characters of all ages are welcome but they are not to partake in sexual threads.
• Be nice to each other. If you cause problems, you will be banned.
• Use the "location" field to list your character's name, their fandom affiliation or if they're non-fandom, and where they are at the time of posting the thread.
• Use the music field to state whether the thread is OTA or closed to a specific character/s.
• Use the subject field to state any trigger warnings.

What's welcome here:
• RP
• Smut
• Kink
• Femmeslash, slash & het.

What's not welcome here:
• Chan/paeophilia/anything that sexualises children.
• Bestiality/zoophilia/creepy sexualised stuff involving animals.
• Wank. Take it elsewhere.
• Mocking or ridiculing other people's characters or kinks.
• Racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, cissexism, sexism, anything that contributes to hate culture.

Why was my request to join refused?
1. You have not stated that you are over 18 on your character's profile page.
2. Your character is not an original character.
3. You have not clearly stated on your profile that your character is an original character.
4. You've caused trouble in [community profile] oc_sws in the past.
5. None of those reasons apply to you? Send the mod a PM.
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